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Tooth vs. Table. Gah. July 25, 2009

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My 15-month-old started walking this week which, I know, it seems like a great thing, right?  I know a lot of people dread when they start walking – they get into more stuff, they start climbing up things, more danger in general.  But frankly, I’ve always found it gets easier as they get to be toddlers.  I am not fond of the Carry Me Everywhere stage, or the even less popular Entertain Me For Hours Even Though I Have An Attention Span of Like Twelve Seconds phase.  So I was pretty excited that we’d finally come to the toddling part of toddlerhood.

Until last night.  When Max’s two beautiful, and not very old, front teeth took on the glass coffee table that, while seemingly dangerous, has never really caused us any problems – and he’s our second kid.  It’s that moment when you know it’s bad, but you don’ t know what to do, and you don’t know just how bad it is.  There was crying, and blood, and – god help me – tooth bits.  Agh.  After I died and came back to life, I wrestled him to the sink and cleaned out his mouth, assessed the chippedness, and called a relative who also happens to be a dentist.  (Said relative lives out of town, and it was Friday night, so no dentists were locally available.  Plus he’s 1, so it’s not like he has a regular provider or anything.)  He will live, it turns out, and probably be just fine.  But I guess he’ll have his first dental visit earlier the recommended two years of age.  Like, Monday.  How about you?  Any scary tooth/kid stories?


Inaugural July 24, 2009

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Heh. So, hi. And welcome! This is my first official foray into the blogosphere. I really don’t know if anyone will ever come by here to read, outside of my immediate family members and the occasional misdirected Googler. But you’re here, and you seem just lovely, so there you go.

So why am I here?  Good question.  I don’t really know.  Despite this particular piece of work, I generally fancy myself a decent writer.  Not fabulous, mind you, but you know – at least as good as some margin of the entirety of the internet.  Also, let’s be honest – I like to give my opinions on stuff.  And, since there are millions of people in the universe, I’m guessing some portion of them must agree with me on some of them.

Are you still here?  Some things about me:

  • I want Melissa to win So You Think You Can Dance, although I don’t think she will. She’s not hot enough.  (Sorry, Melissa).
  • I think Stacy London is nicer in real life than she pretends to be on What Not to Wear.
  • I love t.v.
  • I watch too much t.v.
  • One of my (many) pet peeves is a misplaced apostrophe (so please do let me know if you spot any).  In fact, I wanted to call this blog The Misplaced Apostrophe.  Seemed kind of long.
  • Another one is people who leave their blinkers on when they’re not turning anywhere.  TURN YOUR BLINKERS OFF, PEOPLE.
  • I eat my cereal dry. Even Grapenuts.
  • I love lists.
  • I think this one has devolved enough.

Hey look at that – you’ve made it to the end already!  It wasn’t so bad, was it?

Next up: something, anything, more substantive than this. Let’s hope.